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Blog Posts in August, 2010

The Paternity Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

In an attempt to make it easy for the child support division to increase collections, the Paternity Acknowledgement Form (PAF) was created. The form is also known as Declaration of paternity and ...
Continue reading "The Paternity Acknowledgement Form (PAF)" »

Military Offers Programs to Combat Divorce

Throughout the years, the military has recognized that the stress of military life and multiple deployments can wreak havoc on marriages. The military has really increased efforts to help families ...
Continue reading "Military Offers Programs to Combat Divorce" »

The Cost of Divorce Always Varies

In 2008, in a study published by David Hoffman the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law's Journal of Dispute Resolution showed that there is a drastic difference between the cost of mediation ...
Continue reading "The Cost of Divorce Always Varies" »

Kelsey Grammer's Wife COuld get $42 Million for Divorce

Recently, it was announced that Kelsey Grammer's wife could get a $42 million divorce payout. It is said that Camille Donatacci could be awarded a huge sum due to the fact that she owns half of ...
Continue reading "Kelsey Grammer's Wife COuld get $42 Million for Divorce" »

Conductor Arrested for Non-Payment of Child Support

This week, it is reported that conductor Paul Hillier had to make an unusual detour before leading the ensemble Ars Nova Copenhagen at Lincoln Center's Mostly Mozart Festival this past Friday night. ...
Continue reading "Conductor Arrested for Non-Payment of Child Support" »

Zsa Zsa Gabor Favors Divorce Over Legal Separation

During an interview, the nine times married Zsa Zsa Gabor said that she favored divorce over legal separation. When asked why she favored divorce she told the interviewer, "legal separation gives the ...
Continue reading "Zsa Zsa Gabor Favors Divorce Over Legal Separation" »

Jon and Kate Gosselin Still Battle Child Custody Issues

While many papers and magazines are writing that a quiet settlement has been reached for reality TV stars Jon and Kate Gosselin, according to CNN it appears that such an agreement has yet to be found. ...
Continue reading "Jon and Kate Gosselin Still Battle Child Custody Issues" »

Woman Can Move... If She Supplies Video Chat

It is being reported that after the dust cleared from a divorce, Debra Baker requested to move to Florida with her two children. She was granted the request, however, only after it was clear that if ...
Continue reading "Woman Can Move... If She Supplies Video Chat" »

Nevada Governor's Divorce Now Offiical

In a first for the state of Nevada, sitting governor Jim Gibbons divorced his wife, Dawn, with the judge signing the divorce decree on Wednesday, July 21. Gibbons filed for divorce in May 2008, ...
Continue reading "Nevada Governor's Divorce Now Offiical" »

Reality TV Couple Call It Quits

It is being reported that reality TV show couple, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, are divorcing - for real this time. Spencer Pratt claims that the marriage was a sham, going so far as to Tweet about ...
Continue reading "Reality TV Couple Call It Quits " »

Florida Man Accused of Bigamy

In perhaps one of the oddest divorce stories of the year, a Florida man is currently facing accusations of bigamy for allegedly having two wives at the same time. John France, 62 years-old, married ...
Continue reading "Florida Man Accused of Bigamy" »

How Will Alimony Impact Your Taxes?

If you are paying alimony in the state of Florida, you may have questions about how your payments will impact your taxes. In Florida, alimony is a tax deductible expense, which means you can claim ...
Continue reading "How Will Alimony Impact Your Taxes?" »

New York Rules Same Sex Partner Has to Pay Child Support

This week in New York, the state appellate court became the first in the state to rule that people who are in a same-sex partnership may be held liable for paying child support. The court was ...
Continue reading "New York Rules Same Sex Partner Has to Pay Child Support" »

Divorce Finalized for Sean Penn and Robin Wright

In San Rafael, California, it is reported that the marriage between Sean Penn Robin Wright has been terminated. The couple is officially divorced. On July 22 nd, a judgment entered in Marin County ...
Continue reading "Divorce Finalized for Sean Penn and Robin Wright" »
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