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Alimony Law Changes Being Made in Florida

Florida is joining several other states that have recently started changing outdated alimony laws. One change under consideration before the House could change how alimony is granted to victims of adultery. Under the old laws, a judge could determine the amount of alimony granted based on the degree to which one of the spouses cheated. The new measure, entitled HB 549, originally wanted to completely remove alimony as a reason to grant alimony payments. In addition, it aimed to decrease the time the amount of time that alimony is received as well as lowered the dollar amounts.

The latest version is a compromise between critics and proponents of the bill, many legislators are saying. It will do away completely with permanent alimony but will still allow judges to consider adultery when deciding alimony amounts. However, adultery will only be considered when the wronged party can show that it decreased the salary of one of the spouse's significantly during the marriage. Have questions about Florida's new alimony laws? Contact Ellerin Hutchinson now to get answers from an experienced Jacksonville family law attorney from our legal team.

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