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Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer

Marital & Family Law in Florida

If you are currently facing family law issues in Jacksonville, FL or a surrounding area, you should strongly consider consulting a lawyer. Individuals who choose to hire legal representation to guide them through these delicate and stressful situations generally have a much easier time in resolving the matter, and are often far more successful. Legal situations involving family relationships can be highly emotional, especially when children are involved. Having a lawyer who is experienced in addressing these delicate matters can be beneficial to all involved and can significantly reduce a great deal of pressure.

Family law is a complicated subject, and it is in your best interests to retain an attorney who can represent you in negotiations and in court, resolving the legal complexities and leaving you to focus on getting your family in order and preparing for a new chapter in your life. An experienced divorce attorney from Ellerin Hutchinson may be able to help you navigate the dangerous waters of the law with the greatest chances of a successful outcome.

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Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Divorce

Your choice of attorney is a very personal decision, and you owe it to yourself to find one that you can trust. Regardless of your personal expectations and reasons for hiring a divorce attorney, one thing remains certain: the person you choose to represent your divorce may have a significant impact not only on the final divorce settlement, but on the manner in which it is approached and therefore the amount of time, money and stress involved in dissolving your marriage.

In working on divorce cases for people throughout the Jacksonville area, Ellerin Hutchinson strives to work closely with each client in order to determine what will truly be the best approach for their unique situation. The attorneys at our firm take care to save time and money wherever possible, as well as to limit the amount of stress that both spouses and the children experience throughout the process.

About the Team at Ellerin Hutchinson

With offices located in Jacksonville, Florida, the attorneys at Ellerin Hutchinson focus their practice on marital and family law issues, representing clients throughout Northeast Florida, including Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns, Putnam and Alachua Counties. They have years of experience practicing family law and are committed to assisting clients in successfully working through their issues, protecting their rights and their assets. Two of the most important things in your life are your family and your finances—you need an attorney who will aggressively and competently protect both.

When seeking help in a marital or family law matter, emotions can run high as there is much at stake. You may be facing a complete change of lifestyle, transitioning from married life to being single, facing sensitive and vital financial issues, changes in possession of assets and property, and possible relocation. If you have children, the matter can be even more tumultuous. A divorce lawyer can advocate on your behalf in heated discussions and in court on matters such as:

The involvement of children adds an extra dimension of sensitivity which requires a skilled touch, not to mention possible effects on other relationships such as in-laws, parents, other family members and friends.

Why hire a Jacksonville family lawyer?

While many look at divorce as a private and intimate affair, it's important to understand that the presence of a lawyer can be an enormous benefit, as they act to safeguard your personal rights and future. This is especially true in contested divorces, where the parties are incapable of working together constructively, and emotions are liable to flare up and throw the situation out of control. You deserve to have a dedicated advocate, whose sole purpose is to protect your interests and achieve an outcome which favors you.

Whether you are involved in a high-net worth divorce where your personal fortune or your business holdings are at stake, or if your primary concern is preserving your relationship with your children, it is in your best interests to hire an attorney at the outset of the divorce. During such an emotionally charged time in your life, an attorney can work to soften the blows. When you work with an attorney who has extensive experience and knowledge of the process, you can focus your attention on healing and moving forward in your life.

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