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Thinking of Relocating?


If you are considering relocating from your current city or state, then you may want to think though a few aspects of the move first. If you have been offered a better job or a promotion in another state, the move may sound tempting. Yet if you are involved in custody agreements and are sharing time with your ex-spouse in order to see your kids, relocation could change your ability to spend time with your loved ones. According to CBS News, it’s wise to think about the implications that relocating will have on your family situation before you just up and move. Think about selling the home. Will you lose money when you sell? Will you make money? If you do, is there a chance that some of that profit will be sent over to your ex-spouse? What guidelines do you have to adhere to in lieu of your property division?

Also, you will want to talk to your ex-spouse and your Jacksonville family lawyer before you chose whether or not to take the job in another state. Look at how this will affect your custody agreement. If your children are in school and you currently have shared custody, you will probably need to alter your agreement. There is no way that the children could have a steady and normal life if they are constantly being flown from one state to another to visit parents. Also, you will want to determine whether or not your ex-spouse is even open to the idea that you want to move.

If a spouse contests this, it can create a large court battle that is difficult to deal with. If you have worked through the above choices, you should also think about the children. Do you want them to spend hours on planes or in cars coming to see you? Will they enjoy the new location? Will it be difficult for you to bypass coming to their sports games or performances? Evaluate all of these options, and then contact a family lawyer before you put your home on the market or take a job in another state. You will want to carefully look at all the implications of your relocation before committing. At Hutchinson Law, we are more than willing to help you with your relocation case. Talk to us today for more information!