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Holiday Child Custody Tips


If this if your first holiday season as a divorced parent, you may find the holidays to be even more stressful than usual. You will have to be patient when juggling schedules with your former spouse/partner, figuring out travel arrangements and gifts for your child. However, there are two things you can do to make your holidays bearable as a divorced parent.

First, try to create a parenting schedule before the holidays begin. Rather than try to have the child spend the holidays with both parents, split up the holidays so that the child is not ferried back and forth on one day. If you are unable to figure out a way to accomplish this, there are professionals that you can hire to help you develop a parenting plan, such as a Jacksonville family lawyer.

Second, when you agree to a schedule, stick to it. Arrive when you are scheduled to so that each parent has the most time possible with the child.

If you are going through a tough child custody matter and would like to reach a resolution, contact Hutchinson Law today to set up a consultation with our legal team. We are experienced when it comes to Florida divorce and child custody laws and can help you resolve your dispute.