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The Value of a Prenuptial Agreement


Marriage is a firm agreement between two people but this agreement also includes financial concerns. There are specific circumstances where it's a good idea to have a prenuptial agreement set up between a couple. Here are just a few reasons why a prenuptial, often referred to as a "prenup" agreement would be important.

In the circumstance where you had children from a previous marriage and you wanted to ensure they inherited the assets you accumulated before your second marriage, a prenuptial agreement would be in order. If you were to get divorced or die without a prenuptial agreement, your children might have to share part of this amount with your new spouse.

Another very good reason for having a prenuptial agreement would be if you have a share in a family business before your present marriage and you wanted to keep the business on that side of the family. If you died without a prenuptial agreement in place or wound up getting divorced, your new spouse might now share in the family business which could dramatically change the family interaction within the business.

If you fall into either of these categories and are considering marriage or know someone who is, it would be worthwhile to have a legal expert draw up a prenuptial agreement.

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