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The Cost of Divorce Always Varies


In 2008, in a study published by David Hoffman the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law's Journal of Dispute Resolution showed that there is a drastic difference between the cost of mediation and a contested divorce.

During the study, Hoffman reviewed while the family with a median net worth of $2 million. He found that the combined cost for both parties for legal fees as well as mediation fees was around $15,000. However, when cases where litigated, the median cost shot to over $155,000 whereas the combined cost for both parties in collaborative divorces was just over $39,000.

Truthfully, the final cost of your divorce will be up to you and your spouse. You can choose to work together, use a divorce mediator to settle things outside of court or choose to go to court and let a judge resolved your conflicts. Each scenario will involve differing costs.

If you have questions about divorce and the costs associated with divorce, contact our law office and discuss your case with a Jacksonville divorce lawyer.