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Make Legal Arrangements Before Attempting Parental Relocation


Even if you are the non-custodial parent, any time that you move away from your child, especially out of state, it is advisable to either get or keep an attorney on retainer. Why? There are several items that can influence your relationship with your ex-spouse and children that are a result of parental relocation.

First, if you are leaving the state for a different job, it could affect your spousal and child support payments, especially if you have been offered a more financially-sound job. Secondly, your decision to move away could affect your visitation rights. If you do have partial or joint custody of your children, you may be required to send them to live with your former partner/spouse for certain periods of time, like summer or winter holidays.

No matter what your reason for moving away is, it will definitely impact the legal and financial relationship between you, your former spouse, and your children together. It is best to discuss and make any legal arrangements before your move to avoid any complications later on down the road. You also want to ensure that you are in compliance with all of your divorce settlements.

Have questions pertaining to parental relocation? Take the time to contact our firm and speak with a Jacksonville family lawyer.