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Facebook: Ammunition for Divorce?


What was initially created as way for college students to connect with other students on campus now seems to be a breeding ground for evidence of cheating husbands and wives. A British law firm claims that one in five divorce cases they're working on cite the popular social networking site Facebook as a factor in divorce. According to an article featured in the UK's Telegraph, several divorce attorneys are claiming the site makes it easy for users to cheat on their spouses.

Many people have logged into the site, only to discover that their husband or wife has exchanged flirty messages with another user or participated in inappropriate or sexually suggestive chats. These emails, "wall posts", and chat conversations are now being used as evidence in divorce cases. Florida is a no fault state, which means that infidelity or adultery will not be taken into consideration during a divorce. However, in states like New York that acknowledge adultery, this type of evidence could be very damaging to the spouse who cheated.

In addition to getting caught cheating on one's spouse, Facebook is also being used to gather evidence in child custody and spousal support/ child support cases. Photos of spouses partying, getting drunk, or acting crazy might be used against them in a child custody hearing, suggesting the parent is unfit to parent. Even "status updates", lies about personal information (such as claiming they do not have any children), and/or leaving demeaning or critical statements about the other spouse on his/her "wall" can be used as ammunition in a divorce case.

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