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Don't Let Finances Keep You in a Bad Marriage


Finances are something many unhappily married couples consider before making the drastic step to end their marriage. Sometimes completely miserable couples stay together solely because it would not be a safe or smart move financially to end the marriage.

In Florida, many couples who have been hit hard by the unemployment and foreclosure crisis are choosing to stay in unhappy marriages out of fear they will not have the financial security they need for independent life. Furthermore, because Florida is an equitable distribution state, martial property, including marital debt, will be divided between the spouses. If one or both people in the marriage has accumulated debt, they may hesitate to file for divorce out of concern over how that debt will be dealt with. Another reason a couple may choose not to divorce during a recession is because they would not be able to afford alimony or child support payments.

Experiencing Hard Times?

No one should be forced to stay in an unhappy, loveless marriage for any reason. If you would like to file for divorce but are concerned about how the divorce will affect you financially, you should know there other options available to you. You could separate from your spouse (but not actually file for divorce), you could attend some type of financial counseling, you could file for bankruptcy, or if you are upside down on your mortgage and you'd rather just get out of your house so you can freely move on with your life you could do a short sale of your home. The point is, you do have options available to you so you are not trapped in a marriage you don't want to be in. At Hutchinson Law, an experienced Jacksonville divorce attorney would be happy to discuss all of your options and help you determine the best solution for your particular situation.

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