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Failure to Pay Alimony


Any time a person is awarded alimony or spousal support and his/her spouse fails to pay in full or on time, the person may take several courses of action.

First, the person may contact the county's proper department of revenue for enforcement of alimony assistance. Second, a person can retain a family lawyer who can file a motion for contempt for court-ordered support payments. Finally, a person can file his/her own motion with the court by filling out paperwork that is provided by the state of Florida.

Once a court orders alimony, and a spouse fails to make payments, the spouse is disobeying court orders. When this happens, the spouse may be in contempt of court and subject to legal penalties like wage liens, property garnishment or even jail time.

If you are owed alimony and are having a hard time getting your former spouse to pay, contact Hutchinson Law and learn about your options by consulting with a Jacksonville family lawyer.