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Many Divorce and Child Custody Cases May Go Unresolved in Florida


With the justice department being as overworked as it is in Florida, many child custody cases and divorces could go untried or remain unresolved. Sixth Circuit Chief Judge Thomas McGrady says that this could become a reality sooner than expected.

Since the state is expecting to be hit by a budget cut of $70 million this year, which could shut down the entire court system and result in layoffs. What led to this budget crisis? A serious decline in foreclosure filings. The state relied on this type of legal procedure to get the bulk of its operating budget. Unless the state steps in to help, the court system will be forced to take drastic measures like shutting down courtrooms for a total of 14 days over the next two months. Other cuts would be considered, and even high-profile cases would have to be put on hold or suspended.

The state is waiting to see whether Governor Rick Scott will approve the $50 million emergency loan that has already been approved by state lawmakers. He has until Friday to save the flagging court system and prevent statewide layoffs.

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