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Making Child Custody Arrangements


Are you considering joint child custody? If so, you need to understand how it works and what will be expected of you in the future.

While both parents may want and be able to afford joint custody, it may not always be easy to work out the schedules of both people. When you are having trouble coordinating custody schedules with your former partner/spouse, the court may be forced to step in and make the decision for you. At that point, the court could work out a schedule that involves the child spending alternating weeks at a time with each parent.

If that is not agreeable with both people, you could discuss the possibility of alternating months, or even six-month periods. In many cases, the parents will agree that one parent will have weekends and holidays with the child while the other parent has the child for the rest of the time.

Should you need help sorting out your child custody arrangement, contact Hutchinson Law now to discuss your options with a Jacksonville family lawyer from our office. We will take the time to help you come to an arrangement that is in the best interests of your child.