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Some Situations Merit a Prenuptial Agreement


While everyone is entitled to a form of prenuptial agreement, not everyone is happy with the possible outcomes of going through a lengthy divorce process. A prenuptial agreement gives them more control over their finances rather than allowing members of government to decide for them.

There are several cases in which a prenuptial agreement is highly recommended:

If you are substantially wealthier than your partner - you can try to avoid partners marrying you for your money, rather than your person.

You are the primary breadwinner - many states limit the amount of money that is payable during a divorce if a prenuptial agreement is used.

You are remarrying - you must take into considerations your financial obligations from your first marriage, such as alimony payments and child support. If you should pass away then your first family will not be completely passed over if a prenuptial agreement outlines exactly how they should be taken care of.

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