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Military Divorce Statistics for Women


If you are a woman in the military then there are some cold statistics that you should know: women in the military are more than twice as likely to get a divorce as their male comrades. This number nearly triples for enlisted women.

According to the Pentagon, the numbers for last year show that 7.8 percent of women in the military got a divorce, compared to just 3 percent of military men. Amongst the enlisted corps these numbers diverged even more, with over 9 percent of women getting a divorce while less than 3 percent of enlisted men seeking a divorce.

Regardless of whether women are enlisted or not divorce can be a difficult time for anyone. However, statistics show that military women are more likely to wind up homeless after a divorce than non-enlisted women. It is also difficult on any children involved as there are more single mothers in the military than single dads at the moment, and many of these are overseas fighting for their country.

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