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Mediation Can Lead to More Positive Results


A recent study of divorced couples showed that those who opted for mediation, rather than a divorce trial, were more satisfied with the end results of their divorce.

Of the respondents, 69% said that they were somewhat to very satisfied with the results of their divorce; just 47% of those who were identified as "adversarial" could claim satisfaction with the end results.

Several issues were included in this survey, with a majority of them leaning more towards satisfaction with a mediator versus attorneys. These include: satisfaction with spousal support arrangements, the ability of the individual to help clients deal with anger, being understanding of children's needs and creativity of the individual in resolving difficult issues.

Are you considering divorce? If so, you should discuss your options with a Jacksonville family law attorney now to see whether an attorney or a mediator would be in your best interests. Contact our law office today to learn more!