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What Constitutes Cohabitation?


A number of factors are considered when trying to determine whether or not a relationship qualifies as cohabitation. In general, a couple that cohabitates should live and act in much the same way that a married couple does. They might share a mailing address, a last name, and even use terms like husband or wife when referring to one another.

When determining whether a couple cohabitates, courts will consider how long the couple has lived together. They will also look at factors such as whether the individual income or assets of each partner have been combined to support the other partner. In many cases, couples that cohabitate have a financial situation that is quite interdependent.

In some cases, people who cohabitate might purchase real estate, cars, boats, or other significant personal property together. They might also jointly sign an apartment lease. Other factors that courts will consider include whether or not the couple has any agreements regarding shared property or financial support. Courts will also consider any support given by the couple to their children, if the couple has any.

If you are cohabitating, you may want to consider drafting a cohabitation agreement to protect your assets. To learn more about this type of legal contract, contact Hutchinson Law now to enlist the advice of a Jacksonville family law attorney.