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Divorce: A Career Booster or Killer?


Often when people share their divorce stories, they may tell of a long horrifying process that was involved. It may be because of the different conflicts or disagreements with the opposite spouse and the long time period that it took to settle. In the state of Florida, for a marriage to be completely finished there is a six month waiting period by law. Often times, to work through the plethora of details, it can take even more months depending on the specific circumstance. Not only does that add stress to life, it is reported that it can also affect the spouse’s job, making it harder to work.

Families that are going through a divorce may own a company together; there is a chance it could add complications to the job place. Extra stress from the divorce may cause some people to feel extra burdened or depressed. The question that remains is in whether or not a divorce in the long run can hurt or benefit a career? Many people would say that while there is a hard time of transition or rediscovering of oneself, perhaps even starting a new job entirely; though there are many career benefits that can result.

A divorce causes the spouse to evaluate their new life situation and ask themselves a few questions: “what are my strengths and talents?”, “what kind of work would interest me?”, if children are involved, “where can I work that will allow me to still take care of them?” There are so many uncertainties that come out of a divorce, but it can turn into an opportunity to start fresh and work hard. Perhaps the spouse will find their niche, even after years of working in another field. A divorce may cause some rocky roads for a time period, but that is just it, it’s for a time. New opportunities will arise and maybe as a result it will transform the divorced spouse’s career.