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Safety Tips for the Family on Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is unfortunately very prevalent in today’s society; if you are a victim it is important for you to know that you are not alone. Know that there are people around who want to help you face this. Here are tips to consider when in a domestic violence situation taken from the American Bar Association, please read for further information. If you are at home and feel that your life is being threatened in some way the first thing to do, if it is safe, is dial 911! Try to avoid dangerous zones within the home such as the kitchen where knives are readily available. Avoid those places where you can be easily trapped or locked away like a bathroom or closet.

If you are able get to a room that has doors and windows do so, it may make for an opportunity to escape. It is smart to keep phones in various rooms throughout the house, so that if you are locked inside you are able to dial 911, and always keep your cell phone on you. If you have children in the home, and plan on making an escape, inform your children and make sure they understand it thoroughly. Have an emergency escape bag that is equipped with cash, an unlisted cell phone number, and a backup set of car keys. If you are running it is wise to have all of your legal documents with you such as driver’s license, passports, medical records, and the like.

Having children in these situations is a scary, so it is crucial that you teach them simple tips on how to stay safe. One of the biggest things is that they understand when parents are fighting or one is getting abusive not to try and intervene, teach them to get to a safe place and dial 911 if they think it is dangerous. Make sure that the children know to stay out of the kitchen and small enclosed areas, and give them addresses that are close by to where they can run if they feel threatened. During your daily travels it is helpful to change your regular routines if you feel like you may be threatened outside the home.

See if there are trusted friends or family members who can give you rides, and avoid being alone as much as possible. Please note that these are general safety tips, each situation is different and calling 911 is the most important thing to do when your feeling threatened. Domestic violence is something that this country takes very seriously, and they desire for the safety of their citizens. If you are dealing with domestic violence of any sort contact our family law office for help. We want to fight for the protection of you and your family, and we want you to know that you are not alone.