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Are You Required to Pay Child Support After They Turn 18?


When a couple is divorced and child support is involved it can raise a lot of questions. A common question is whether or not the adults are required to keep making payments after their child turns 18 or if they are legally free from the obligation. It is not only the parents that are paying the support that have these concerns; it is also the parent that receives the payments for their child. In most cases when the child becomes an adult at the age of 18, is married, or legally chooses to be emancipated, the parents are legally free from the payments. There are circumstances in which the parent may still continue the support such as the child still being a student in high school and is performing well and plans to graduate within the following year. Graduating at 19 is possible if the child was held back a grade or started school a year late.

If the child is somehow disabled, mentally or physically, the parent who has the primary care may need assistance after their child turns 18 due to the medical needs. However, if the child chooses to further their education by going to college, the state does not require any financial support on behalf of the custody laws. If you are required to pay for support every month, or you are dependent upon the support of your ex-spouse monthly it is important that you have a proper understanding of the laws pertaining to your state.

Due to the uniqueness of each case, it is important to have a Jacksonville divorce lawyer who will work alongside you to ensure that you re receiving what are rightfully your child’s, or that you are required to pay no more than what is stated by the courts. Requirements for child support are different for each situation so contact us today for any of your legal questions!