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Can Child Support Laws Work Against Parents?


The case of Douglas Miller is one many parents can relate to.

Miller always worked hard to ensure he could make child support payments for his daughter. But when he was unexpectedly laid off as a result of the hard economy, Miller was no longer able to afford payments. Having fallen behind on his child support obligations, the state suspended his driver's license, a common penalty for parents who fail to pay support.

Miller eventually got a new job, but when he went in to get his driver's license reinstated so he could drive to work, the court said no. The court would not reinstate his license until he paid back the child support he owed.

With no license, Miller knew he couldn't get to work. Frustrated, he was able to get help from Sen. Wilson Beffort. Beffort understood that sometimes there needs to be exceptions to the rules. The New Mexico human services department also said that if there's proof a parent has a job opportunity, they will work with the parent to help get their driver's license back.

But for Miller, getting his license back wasn't easy or simple. "I had to jump through hoops," he said.

Miller's license was eventually reinstated and he now has a job where he is able to continue making child support payments for his daughter.

Experienced Jacksonville Child Support Lawyer to Help with Your Case

Although Miller lives in New Mexico, there are parents throughout Florida who are likely going through the same thing. If you have been ordered to pay child support, but have fallen on hard economic times, there are ways you can address the situation without facing legal ramifications. Jacksonville family law attorney has represented many clients ordered to pay child support, and can provide you with the experienced and dedicated legal counsel you need at this time!

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