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Remembering the Honeymoon Phase of Your Marriage


You were 25 years old when you met the love of your life and you married soon after as a statement of your love. Every minute was a taste of heaven when you two were together, the honeymoon phase of your marriage even lasted a few years. Now twenty years down the road, you are older, life is different, people change, and you think it’s time for a divorce. What if it was possible to rekindle the fiery passion and love you once felt for your spouse? Often older couples think that the newlyweds are in for a treat when they realize the realities of marriage, but what if they are the ones who have it figured out? Perhaps enjoying the youthful passion is how they keep their love for each other at a high priority. Newlyweds may just have the best advice for those older couples that what to relive their glory days of marriage. Consider little things such is the morning when life is seemingly horrible, great each other with kindness even still.

Greeting one another with a hug and a kiss, and actually meaning it can go a long way. The idea of showing compassion and care on a consistent basis is what stands out for these new couples, and it makes the world of a difference. Another helpful hint is cultivating thankfulness for your spouse. Consider yourself to be the luckiest person because you are with them, think through the different ways that they are unique and special to you and rehearse being thankful for them. Don’t dwell on the negative qualities, but cultivate a grateful spirit for the fact that you are married to this person! Marriage is a step that two people take to show their commitment and love for each other. Remember what you felt the day you said I do, and seek to bring that back to the marriage today. Giving up isn’t the only option, take some time to try and rekindle your youth passion before choosing the divorce as the final step.