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Does a Divorce Really Mean Goodbye Forever?


Living together with another person for years can be overwhelming, especially for those people who particularly enjoy change. Perhaps you marry the person of your dreams and ten or twenty years down the road all you can dream about is getting away from that person. Divorces today are highly common, with over half of America’s married population having gone through at least one divorce in their lifetime. When choosing to get the divorce, you know that it is the right thing to do at the time; perhaps you were both at whit’s end and decided that maybe you two were just better friends after all. Some couples are left with the question, “does that mean goodbye forever?”

While there are so many people today in the country that are getting a divorce, there are also many who are realizing, perhaps years later that a divorce wasn’t the end all. There are couples out there that are realizing the only had one love, and they want to be with them again. This was the case for the New York elderly couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, both 85 years old. Their plan is to retie their wedding knots this coming Saturday in Buffalo, NY. Having met over 70 years ago as young teenagers, they married very young. After they had four children, they divorced in 1964 even though it wasn’t a common practice back then. Roland Davis remarried and after the death of his second wife just recently, one of his daughters encouraged him to move back to New York so he wouldn’t be lonely.

The couple reports that even during the time of their divorce they remained friends, the children share that never did they once utter an unkind word about the other, they only shared love and care for one another. Having made his final decision Davis decided to return to the East Coast and over a phone conversation with his first love, he asked her if she would marry him again; without a moment of delay she replied yes. Lena and Roland shared their deep bond even after years apart; they knew that they still loved one another. These two make one of the couples out of six percent of marriages that recommit to one another, and what a happy ending it is for them!