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Celebrities Can Have Peaceful Divorces Too


According to the DailyMail United Kingdom, the rich financier Roger Jenkins divorce from his Bosnian wife Diana was a peaceful parting though it cost him a lot of money. It is said that his personal fortune is worth £300 million, and in the divorce he willingly gave his wife half of his fortune. Although she divorced one of the wealthiest men in Britain, because of their divorce settlement she is now right back up there in the top 500 richest people in the UK. It is said the couple split three years ago, though they just now made their divorce final. Sources tell of Jenkins never seeking to go to court with his ex, but rather made a settlement with no pride lost and giving her what he thought she deserved. Jenkins and his ex-wife claim that they didn’t have a normal divorce; and both consider one another to still be best friends. They tell others that their divorce was a happy one.

Diana whole heartedly approves of Jenkins new model girlfriend, and Jenkins in return claims that he still loves and appreciates Diana, especially as a hardworking mother. While they both were ready to move on in separate directions, they have the mutual understanding that being together was a great phase of their life, and are happy now with their decsion to separate. Not only did Diana receive financially a large sum from her ex, but Jenkins was also willing to equally divide their various properties all over the world. Having had been married for ten years, with two children, they had an easy agreement on sharing the properties. As seen with this UK couple, divorces don’t have to be painful, they can be simple and relationships can stay civil. If considering a divorce, contact Hutchinson Law and we will help you with the legalities of your separation.