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Helpful Technology Tools to Make Co-Parenting a Little Easier


After a divorce co-parenting can be difficult in a few different ways. For one thing, you are trying to schedule with your ex all the details of the kids life without living in the same home. When a meeting comes up at work on Saturday morning, being able to yell down the hallway asking if mom can take Johnny to football practice in ten minutes is a lot easier than when you are split. Many times though, filing for a divorce outweighs the reasons to stay together, even if parenting was a little easier. With divorce being so common in today’s society, those in the technological world are trying to create tools to make life simpler, even for those who are co-parenting.

Not everyone has a smartphone, but today in America it seems that nearly most people do. If this is you and your ex, the “app” world wants to help you! There are a few different app tools that have been created for your co-parenting needs. First, is the 2Houses app, and this allows parents to have a specific internet based calendar that will automatically stay updated on both ends if there is ever a change in the schedules. One parent might pay more attention to the school play while the other cares more about Saturday morning soccer games, and with this calendar, both parents can keep up to date all on of the kids meetings and activities.

Another helpful app is called the Divorce Log, and this allows couples again to manage details of their divorce via cell phone. When one spouse is required to pay alimony or child support there can be a lot of different dates that are vital to not forget, and this calendar will help you and your ex keep track of these things. Not only to make sure one doesn’t forget the payments, but also to ensure the other is going to receive the payments. This app also allows you to send specific this to your email, so in case there is a pressing matter you can get that info directly to your ex or your attorney without a moment’s notice.

A third app is called Parenting Apart, and it offers special tips and resources to spouses who are divorced or in the process and parenting. Simple questions you may have can be found there too, or offer you resources of how to found out. Choosing to file for a divorce is a hard decision to make when you are a parent, though in many cases couples feel as though it is best. Having helpful phone apps is a beneficial resource for any divorced parent who wants to be involved in their kid’s life. If you are considering a divorce, contact Hutchinson Law today for a trusted attorney who can walk you through the process!