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Modifying Child Support, Alimony and Parenting Plans


No situation is ever permanent. Families expand, ex-spouses get remarried, jobs are lost and gained, incomes increase and decrease, and the cost of life fluctuates. Sometimes a change in circumstances affects one's ability to comply with a previous court order. Fortunately, judges understand that life changes and with that people's situations change.

Under Florida family law, you can ask the judge to change or modify a court order if you can prove a significant change in circumstances warrants the modification. For example, if you were ordered to pay child support or alimony, but you have recently been laid off from your job or have become injured and are no longer able to work, you can ask the judge to lower the amount of support you are required to pay. Similarly, if you are the one receiving child support or alimony, and you would like to ask the judge for more money, you will need to prove why you deserve to get more support.

Time-sharingand parenting plans can also be modified after a divorce has been settled. The court understands that situations change, and is open to modifying a time sharing or parenting plan as long as you can prove it is necessary and that it does not compromise the best interest of the child. Like all child-related family law issues, the judge's main concern is to ensure that any changes or modifications you seek will not have a negative impact on the child.

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