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Requesting Child Support Modification


In the state of Florida, when a child support order is issued by the court, the amount of support that is to be paid is based upon 1) the needs of the child and 2) the income of both parents. Often times, parents experience changes in the income they earn. When this happens, they may seek modification of child support, which is a change in the amount of support that is to be paid.

Parents may seek child support modifications anytime they:

§ want to add or remove a child from an order

§ want to add or remove medical support from the order

§ want to increase or decrease the amount of child support due to change in income

§ want to extend the time support needs to be paid

There are numerous reasons why parents may seek child support modification. In order to know if their reasons are valid and will pass a Child Support Order Review, parents should work with a Jacksonville family law attorney at Hutchinson Law. Contact us today to discuss modification.