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Signs of Divorce - Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer


More often than not, before couples decide to part ways, there are obvious signs that divorce is on the horizon. Below, some common signs of divorce are identified:

  • One or both spouses frequently thinks about that it would be like to be separated or imagines living a life without being married to their spouses.
  • One or both spouses feel that the bad aspects of the marriage far outweigh the good aspects.
  • One or both spouses often choose to keep secrets or to keep things hidden.
  • One or both spouses no longer wish to be intimate, either physically or emotionally.
  • One or both spouses feel as if they are the only ones trying to solve problems within the relationship and are getting nowhere.

Although these signs are not guaranteed to lead to divorce, they often foretell that there are marital problems that could lead to separation in the future if not resolved.

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