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How is Alimony Paid?


After alimony has been awarded to a dependant spouse, the independent spouse will be responsible for making scheduled payments. Depending on the court's orders, independent spouses may have to make monthly spousal support payments or periodic installment payments.

In some states, people may also pay their alimony with one lump sum. However, most spouses find it easier to make payments as income is earned, making lump sum alimony payments very rare. Additionally, if independent spouses make their payment with one lump sum, the recipient may face tax consequences as spousal support is reported as income on tax returns.

Do you have additional questions about alimony or how this form of support is paid in Florida? If so, your best option is to speak with a Jacksonville family lawyer that has experience handling alimony cases, like Hutchinson Law. Contact our law office today to set up your initial consultation so we can answer your alimony questions.