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Penalties for Child Support Contempt


In the state of Florida, if a non-custodial fails to meet his/her child support obligations, he/she can face numerous consequences. This is due to the fact that the state has strict enforcement laws and will take serious measures to collect past due financial support from parents that are delinquent. If you are behind on your child support payments, know that the state may:

§ Intercept your IRS tax refunds

§ Take your gambling/lottery winnings

§ Intercept your Workers' Compensation payments or Unemployment payments

§ Freeze your financial accounts

§ Issue liens against your personal assets (example: your home, your vehicle or real estate)

§ Suspend your driver's license and/or occupational licenses

§ Make you serve time in jail

Due to the fact that failure to pay child support can lead to such harsh legal penalties, it is important that you speak with a Jacksonville family law attorney anytime you fall behind on your child support or find it difficult to make payments. By doing this, you will become informed of alternatives that may help you avoid the aforementioned consequences.

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