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Florida Paternity Test Process


Florida courts use genetic testing, also referred to as a DNA test to determine paternity. The process is simple:

The mother, child and man believed to be the child's father are scheduled for a genetic test. All three must show up for the appointment with picture ID in hand. During the appointment, a lab worker will take a picture of the person being tested and get a fingerprint. Identification is carefully checked to ensure that the right person is being tested for paternity.

The lab worker will then use a small swab to wipe the inside of the cheek of each person to obtain a cell sample to be used for the test. Each sample is then sealed into individual envelopes that are sent to a genetic testing laboratory. The lab compares the samples from the mother, the child, and the suspected father to determine if a match exists. Genetic tests are 99.9% effective and the result is usually accepted by Florida judges.

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