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Understanding Joint Physical Custody


If you are dealing with a child custody case, you will need to familiarize yourself with the different types of custody that the court can grant you. One popular type of custody is joint physical custody. In this case, the child(ren) in question will split his or her time between the two parents' homes. Although this generally doesn't amount to a perfect 50/50 split, it does reflect an arrangement that the court deems to be best suited for the child. In many cases joint physical custody is broken down into weekends with one parent and weekdays with another; in some cases, a child may spend the school year with one parent and holidays with the other.

This type of custody is more commonly seen with parents that are able to set aside their personal differences to work towards what is best for their child. However, as in many divorce cases, the question of child custody can lead to an all-out battle between the two parties.

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