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Creating a Feasible Parenting Plan


Since each family is different the court cannot provide you with a predetermined parenting plan that will fit your needs. When parents decide to separate it is important to create an easy-to-understand plan that will determine how each parent will fit into their child's life. By doing this before the separation you can hope to achieve several goals.

You can discuss what you both think is best for the child(ren) in question, and come to an agreement that is agreeable to both parties. This includes a timeshare schedule that clearly outlines when each parent is expected to be with and take care of their child; it also provides the child with a sense of continuity and permanency that might be lacking otherwise.

Both parties can also rest assured that all of the child's educational, medical, and social needs are being met between them. If you should disagree about something the parenting plan will already be in place to refer to at all times. This will decrease the incidence of conflict between parents, which will also aid in your child's transition from a two-parent to one-parent household.

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