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Communicating with Your Divorce Lawyer


It is important to establish a work relationship with your divorce lawyer if you are to make the most out of his/her counsel. One common complaint that clients have is their inability to reach their lawyer. Most likely your lawyer is at court or with another client, however, you should always leave a message with the legal assistant or secretary. A telephone conference or office visit can be scheduled with your lawyer; if you continue to have difficulties, ask him/her about additional methods of communication that might be more effective.

As each meeting is vital to your case and may be brief due to your lawyer's hectic schedule, it is vital that you discuss all relevant issues regarding your case, even if you feel that they might be embarrassing. Your lawyer cannot be completely effective in helping you win your case in court if he/she does not know all of the details beforehand.

It is worse for legal counsel to be surprised at trial because they did not have the relevant facts than for you to experience slight embarrassment in the confines of your lawyer's office.

If you are going through a divorce, contact us to get help from a Jacksonville divorce lawyer.