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Cohabitation Agreements are Beneficial


Even if you are not married to your partner, the law has recently seen benefits being granted to partners regarding cohabitation issues that have not been seen before. Some courts are recognizing the need to apportion assets between partners who have been cohabiting using equitable doctrines in an attempt to prevent injustice and hardship.

Since these doctrines are not set in stone and can be expansive and vague, it is ideal to enter into a cohabitation agreement that is solidified by a legal contract. In some cases you may want to give the less financially stable partner a more equitable settlement should something happen with your relationship. If one person has assumed the role of caretaker in the relationship the other might agree to certain settlements to compensate this.

In addition, you can use a legal agreement to outline what is expected in the cohabitation situation in regards to personal and financial issues.

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