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New York Approves No-Fault Divorce


New York has finally agreed to allow marital unions to end in no-fault divorce. It is the last state in the country to allow no-fault divorce as justifiable grounds for termination of marriage.

While many are happy to hear the news, others have nothing but complaints about the recent change in family law. Dennis Poust of the New York State Catholic Conference said, "By saying there's this concept of no fault divorce, it really cheapens the institution of marriage."

Poust stood before lawmakers and testified against the bill before it was approved in early 2010. He truly believes that the way divorce was handled prior to the law change in New York was much better. He said, "We have grounds for divorce in the state, adultery, abuse, abandonment. If a marriage is broken and after a cooling off period of one year, then you have the so-called no-fault divorce."

Instead, Poust has gone on record to say that New York should promote policies that strengthen marriages. He even went so far as to say that a marriage should be tougher to break down a cell phone contract and believes that with therapy and marital counseling marriages can be saved.

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