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Explaining Your Divorce to Your Children


Are you considering a divorce? Do you have children? If so, you need to sit down with your spouse to discuss a plan to explain your divorce to your children immediately. Even when you cannot seem to agree on anything else, the most important thing you can do now is reassure your children.

While your children may experience a range of emotions when you give them the bad news, one of the most common reactions is a fear of abandonment. When they see that the two people they love are leaving one another, they may automatically feel that you will abandon them as well. That is why you need to sit down together, in a calm fashion, to explain why you are getting a divorce and how it will not impact your child negatively.

Younger children may also worry that the parent that is leaving the familial home will not be protected either. You will need to explain where that parent will live and talk openly about possible living arrangements in the future as they affect the child.

If you are going through a divorce and feel it will impact your children, seek advice from a Jacksonville family law attorney today by contacting Hutchinson Law.