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Child Support isn't always Straight Forward


If you have a child with someone, in most cases you will be eligible to receive child support. However, there are a few instances that may make it difficult to obtain support immediately that will need to be resolved before you can demand payments.

For example, if the paternity of your child is in question, you will not be able to demand child support from the alleged biological father. Instead, you will need to ask the court to command a paternity test. This is especially true if the alleged father does not want to submit his DNA. Once the results come back positive, you will then be able to request child support from that individual.

This is just one example where obtaining child support may be difficult. There are many other circumstances that can stand in the way of primary custodians getting such payments. If you're finding it challenging to get support for your child, contact Hutchinson Law today to discuss your case with a Jacksonville family lawyer who can review your circumstances and help you take legal action.