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Circumstances Considered During Child Custody Cases


When a judge is considering a case of child custody, there are a variety of factors that will be examined to determine what is best for the child. No matter what type of custody arrangement the parents want, the final say is up to the judge after reviewing both sides of the case.

Although the circumstances will vary between states, there are common factors that normally govern child custody cases. A judge will generally grant custody to the parent that has closer ties to the child, as well as the means to provide the child with medical care, clothing, food, and other necessities. Additionally, each parent will be asked to submit to a series of tests to determine their fitness as a parent, their mental state, and even their physical capability to care for the child.

The child's external environment may also be taken into consideration as the legal system normally prefers to keep a child in a safe school performing extracurricular activities in a neighborhood that is familiar to them.

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