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Supportive Relationships and Modification of Alimony


If you currently receive alimony but are now living with another person it may serve as grounds for modification of alimony.

Depending on what state you reside in, the laws regarding alimony often dictate that a change in a person's circumstances could lead to a modification of alimony. For example, Florida statute 61.14 lets the court end alimony when the recipient is in a "supportive relationship" with the person with whom they reside.

To determine whether the alimony recipient is in a supportive relationship, the court will look at certain circumstances. If the pair becomes married or presents themselves as a married couple (for both homosexual and heterosexual relationships) the court will consider this to be a permanent and supportive situation. The court could also look at how long the pair has lived together, whether they share assets or finances, whether any joint purchases of property have been made, and whether child support is shared by the second party.

If the court has reason to believe that a supportive relationship exists, it may rule to modify alimony payments.

Do you have questions about modification of alimony? If so, contact a Jacksonville alimony attorney from our legal team to receive answers. Our Jacksonville family lawyers are well-versed in Florida divorce law and would be happy to address your concerns.