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Deployment May Not Cause Military Divorce


It would be reasonable to believe that the daily stresses of military life could eventually wear down marriages, a reasoning that has gained popularity in the news over the past several years. One recent article even goes as far as to assert that deployments can lead to divorce.

Yet, new research shows that this may not be the case. A recent study conducted by UCLA examined personnel records of active and recently active service members. The study sample was large, including over half a million service members, who were married after 9/11 between the years 2002 and 2005. After analyzing such factors as race, gender and number of children, the researchers came to several conclusions, one being that deployment may not lead to divorce.

Another interesting trend they uncovered is that female military personnel are more likely to file for divorce. However, for some reason, this statistic does not apply to females who are officers in the Army.

Military divorces involve a unique set of laws and processes. For this reason, if you're a member of the military who is considering divorce, contact Hutchinson Law to enlist the services of a Jacksonville family law attorney who handles these types of cases.