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The Truth About Divorce Mediation


If you are considering a separation from your spouse, you may also be curious about whether divorce mediation is the right choice for you. Before you decide to take the mediation road, you should understand the myths and facts that often prevent couples from opting for mediation.

Some people worry that during mediation, one spouse will take control of the situation, attempting to dominate the session. However, the right mediator will ensure that this does not happen and will intervene calmly if he/she believes this to be happening. However, if there is a power imbalance that happens outside of mediation sessions, it is important to bring this to the mediator's attention beforehand to ensure the best mediation possible.

If you have heard that mediation is more complicated than just going through a divorce, you would not be entirely correct. While mediation and divorce is different for each couple, mediation has been shown to improve the divorce process.

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