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Changing Child Support Orders


Although changing a child support order can be difficult and time-consuming, it is possible under the right circumstances.

No matter what state you reside in, child support orders are determined based on the income of both parents. These financial figures, combined with the best interests of the child, help judges determine how much each parent should pay in child support. In most cases, the parent that does not have full custody of the child will be asked to pay child support in order to help the parent that does.

Yet, when the financial circumstances of the non-custodial parent change, he/she may need to request child support modification. If that parent loses a job, has additional bills to pay or is moving out of state, a judge may change the terms of the child support agreement. The same can go for the custodial parent if he/she needs to request more money from the former spouse/partner.

Should you find that you are in need of a child support modification, contact Hutchinson Law to get a Jacksonville family law attorney's assistance right away. Having legal help will expedite the process and make things less stressful.