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The Importance of Parenting Plans


While you may be familiar with the terms "child custody" and "child support", you may not have heard about a parenting plan before. This is an important document that can make a vital difference in the life of your child post-divorce.

A parenting plan is discussed by both parents, often in the presence of lawyers or a mediator. It allows both parents to decide certain things about their child's life, generally not related to finances. While each plan is unique to the family that creates it, popular topics that are outlined include: health care, physical well-being, social activities, after-school activities and education. Since attending to these matters as divorced parents can be difficult, it is important to discuss how each parent will contribute to such issues before the divorce is finalized.

The plan must then be presented to a family court judge to be approved. If the plan seems satisfactory, the judge will approve the plan, making it a binding legal document. Should something about the family history or the plan itself not seem right to the judge, he/she can make a plan to replace it or suggest changes.

If you are in need of a parenting plan modification in Florida, it is advised that you contact a Jacksonville parenting plan lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. We can help you draft a plan that takes the best interests of your children into consideration and also protects your rights as a parent.