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Domestic Violence Victims Must Have Exit Strategy


According to police reports, a woman in Florida lost her life at the hands of her abuser. While it had been known that she was in an abusive relationship, her friends and family felt helpless and were never sure how they could help her.

After news of her death went public, the head of a local woman's shelter held a conference to spread the word about domestic violence. She said that while there are dozens of shelters in Florida, 42 to be exact, women who are in abusive relationships need to have an exit strategy that may not always involve a shelter.

In Florida, shelters are generally open to women, as females are more likely to become victims of domestic violence, but there are some that help men who have been abused as well. Children are also taken care of at many shelters as they are often innocent bystanders who are affected by domestic abuse in the home.

If you are involved in an abusive relationship and would like to leave, contact a Jacksonville domestic violence lawyer from our office today to discuss your legal options with a litigator that can protect you from additional harm.