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Modifying a Parenting Plan


While creating a parenting plan can be difficult, modifying one can be even more troublesome. However, it is possible to seek a modification of parenting plan under the right circumstances.

In order to successfully change your parenting plan, you will need to explain to the court how your circumstances have changed. There are different reasons why individuals need to modify custody agreements, such as a change in employment, a need to relocate or simply that increased need of a child to spend time with the other parent.

If you cannot reach an agreement with your former spouse/partner on your own, you may have to employ a Jacksonville family lawyer to represent you in Florida family court. Keep in mind even if you both agree to the modification of parenting plan, it must be approved by a judge. A verbal change in the parenting plan is not sufficient; should something arise in the future, a judge is likely not to recognize a verbal change.

If you would like to make changes to your parenting plan in Jacksonville, take the time to contact Hutchinson Law so an attorney from our law office can listen to your wishes and help you take appropriate legal measures.