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Benefits of Child Support Mediation


Did you know that there is an alternative to fighting over child support in court? Rather than spending hours and a great deal of money on your case, you can visit a child support mediation professional, like our Jacksonville family lawyers, to work through any arguments with your spouse.

When you simply cannot come to an agreement regarding child support, a mediator serves as a neutral third party during your discussions. Unlike fighting over child support with your spouse, a mediator allows you both to decide what is best not only for your individual situations, but for your child as well. In fact, the mediator makes no decisions at all, but simply allows an open dialogue to help you both work through any existing issues.

The mediator is trained to look at several factors to help both people come to a decision. By examining current and future finances, the needs of the child, as well as a parenting plan for the future, parents can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement without additional conflict.

To learn more about mediation services, contact Hutchinson Law now to discuss your case with our experienced team of litigators. We have handled all types of family law matters, including cases involving child support disputes.