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Alimony: Things To Keep In Mind


If you will soon be paying or receivingalimony payments there are several things you should become familiar with.

To begin, alimony payments must be specifically outlined in any divorce agreement, as well as separation and annulments. Even if you decide to give your spouse payments after your marriage they will not be considered alimony unless recognized by a legal authority. Only alimony payments will be eligible for tax deductions as taxable income; any voluntary payments cannot be considered as such.

All payments must be made as cash or liquid payments like money orders or checks. Any amounts of money that are earmarked for supporting dependents or children cannot be claimed as alimony.

If both spouses still live in the same household, even after divorce, any payments made between them cannot be claimed as alimony. When one spouse dies the alimony payments should not continue; if they do, however, any payments made will not be eligible for tax-deductions.

Planning to obtain alimony? Contact us to discuss your situation with a Jacksonville family law attorney who is familiar with Florida spousal support laws.