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The Post Nuptial Agreement Process


Are you considering a postnuptial agreement? If so, you need to familiarize yourself with the process and what will be expected of you.

When you draft a postnuptial agreement, you will need to list, in detail, all of your liabilities and assets, income, current and future expected gifts, and inheritances. Any debts that will be existing after your marriage will need to be addressed in regards to how they will be paid. In the case of a divorce or death, you will need to outline what will happen to your property, including your marital home and any other residences held jointly.

In regards to property, you will not only need to break down property into different categories, but outline what will become of it in a postnuptial situation. This includes real estate as well as artwork, jewelry and other valuables. Should you consider alimony or spousal support in the postnuptial, or waive your right to it, these figures must be described explicitly in the final paperwork.

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