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Remain Amicable during Child Custody Proceedings


When it comes to child custody cases, courts across the country work on the same principle: judges must consider what is in the best interests of the child, even if it inconveniences the parents.

Rather than get angry with your spouse and/or judge over your child custody settlement, you need to see past your anger to what is best for your child. Not everyone can win in a child custody case, so it is important to try and put your feelings aside in order to think about a happy future for your little one. This means taking your child's best interests into consideration over your feelings.

You may want to direct your anger at your partner by denying him/her the right to see the children. However, courts will often see through this ploy and it could ultimately hurt you in the end. Again, it is important that your child's best interests come first and foremost.

If you find cannot speak calmly and rationally about your child custody case, consider contacting Hutchinson Law today to enlist the legal help and resources of a Jacksonville family lawyer from our law office. We can help you mediate through your child custody issues and reach amicable resolutions.